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WJ "Performance and power"

WJ burnout

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Performance gains obtained with various mods

As compiled by Dino Savva

4.0L I-6 4.7L V-8 4.7L V-8 HO

4.0 I6 Engine

Factory power ratings
Horsepower 1993-1995: 190 @4750 rpm
1996-1998: 180 @4600 rpm
1999-2004: 195 @4600 rpm
Torque1993-1995: 225 lb ft @3950 rpm
1996-1998: 220 lb ft @2400 rpm
1999-2004: 230 lb ft @3000 rpm

ItemHorsepower gainTorque gain (ft.-lb.)
1. K&N FIPK7 
2. Bored 62mm TB3 
3. Bored 62mm TB spacer23
4. Intake manifold heatshield? 
5. HP plugs0-2 
6. Splitfire plug wires36
7. Dynomax Super Turbo cat-back exhaust79
8. High-flow cat2 
9. Tri-Y header/S-pipe10 
10. JET Stage 2 PCM8
(auto transmission)
11. Speedtweaks IAT adjuster? 
12. Electric fan conversion33
13. Ported stock cyl. head114
14. Accurate Power big valve head167
15. Crane #753901 camshaft1015
16. Raise CR from 8.8 to 9.5:18 
17. Accurate Power 4.6L stroker engine75105
18. Accurate Power supercharger8590
19. Nitrous Express kit50-7590-135
With the external bolt-ons listed above (#'s 1-12), output should be about 225-230hp. Beyond that, internal engine mods or forced induction are needed (#'s 13-19).

4.7 V8 engine

Factory power ratings
Horsepower235 @4800 rpm
Torque295 lbft @3200 rpm

ModHorsepower gainTorque gain (ft.-lb.)
1. K&N FIPK56
2. Brian Stroud's RamIT cold air intake? 
3. Kolak 3" cat-back exhaust56
4. Modified Y-pipe + 3" high-flow cat10hp 
5. Mopar Performance PCM flash98
or 6. ASE chip626
or 7. Kenne-Bell Optimizer II109
8. Flometrics 70mm TB57
9. Relocate IAT sensor? 
10. KRC Performance HO camshafts & intake manifold19 
11. Remove clutch fan + short belt PS/alternator bypass1017
12. Duner's fuel rail cooling system1629
13. Kenne-Bell supercharger99 
14. Paxton Novi-1000 supercharger10262
15. Garrett T04B turbocharger 10psi boost144 
16. Nitrous Express kit50-150 
With mod #'s 1-12, output should be about 300hp.

4.7 HO V8 engine

Factory power ratings
Horsepower235 @5200 rpm
Torque325 lbft @3600 rpm

ModHorsepower gainTorque gain (ft.-lb.)
1. K&N panel filter3 
2. K&N FIPK7 
3. Brian Stroud's RamIT cold air intake? 
4. Kolak 3" cat-back exhaust? 
5. Modified Y-pipe + 3" high-flow cat? 
6. ASE chip? 

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